Hello, I’m Yoshiko, the owner of Unique Insight.

As a Transformational Wisdom + Visual Story Teller, I offer unique and colorful slide presentations to “illuminate” the world and share my vision and wisdom. In my workshops and presentations, I present my knowledge, insight, and perspectives with arts, graphics, symbols, geometric shapes, and many other graphic expressions.

I believe we are living in a very important transitioning period, and that we are going through a big paradigm shift. This shift is much needed so we can live in a more harmonious and balanced way to restore our humanity and to sustain the earth. When we are right in the middle between the old and new; however, usually there is a lot of unknown and uncertainties. I am passionate about guiding others to expand consciousness and deeper self awareness in order to develop a new way of thinking, living, doing, and more importantly, “being,”

The existing old reality is one in which the majority of us are conforming to the old models that were created by leaders of literally hundreds or even thousands of years ago. The new paradigm is one where every one of us becomes empowered, autonomous, and inspired to contribute to the whole with his or her unique gifts and talents.

Many people have enjoyed my illuminating, thought-provoking presentations and workshops. I hope you will too!

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As a Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach, I help individual clients fulfill their potential so that they can find and engage in their authentic self-expression. Every one of us has a very important purpose and role to play in life and in this transitioning phase. We are all part of a vast, beautiful tapestry called Life that is continuously evolving. We all want to be happy and engage in something that is meaningful to us, whether we are a professional, student, or retired individual. This is where “Personal Intelligence,” also known as “Self Knowledge,” comes into play. I am an expert on guiding people to connect with their deeper self where the wisdom and answers to all their questions reside.

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