I hired Yoshiko during a time when I felt very lost and disconnected from my direction in life. Specifically around my career and life purpose. In under 3 months I discovered insights into my life purpose and a new career path unfolded before me. I highly recommend Unique Insights to help you find a deeper, more meaningful and enriching life for yourself. D.K., San Marcos, CA

I enjoyed all of the positive reinforcement and exercises that pushed us to open up, be honest, and stretch our belief system. These exercises really brought deeper insight and made me realize that I already have the answers inside. I really grew a lot in just one day and I am very grateful for the experience. I feel that I made a breakthrough and I am ready to start putting more thought into planning and taking steps to reach my goals. Thanks, Yoshiko! E.T., San Diego, CA

Yoshiko has a gentle, insightful, holistic approach that lends itself well to helping people find their unique purpose in life. Invest in yourself... take Yoshiko's workshop! K.W., San Diego, CA

There were many breakthrough moments for me that were priceless. Yoshiko’s depth of knowledge and her listening ability is exceptional, and the personal project at the end was amazing. I realized that dreams can be started with small steps. F.D., San Diego, CA

“Your Unique purpose -- Live it now" was packed with great exercises that allowed me to remember my dream...it was as if the spark that lived in my heart became a flame. She provided a safe, fun and nurturing environment for self remembering! It was great to be with people that mirrored my best qualities. I felt nurtured, inspired, and now I have no doubt that my dream will be a reality, whatever form it might take. I also learned how I limit myself and now I have the tools to get out of that funk and continue nurturing my dream one step at a time.” M.M. San Diego, CA

I really appreciate the insight Yoshiko has given me. It is perfect for what I am choosing to experience in my life right now. This session has given me validation and courage to do what I need to do. Soul Alignment Practitioner, San Diego, CA

My sessions with Yoshiko were a positive reinforcement of some core beliefs I had and a call to action. Video Producer, San Diego, CA

When I contacted Yoshiko I was lost with little to no direction on what path I wanted to take regarding my career. With Yoshiko’s technique, approach and kind heart I was able to see what caused my burn out, and created new ways of being and a new career which I am passionate about. For the first time in my life I am following my heart and I am truly excited about my new journey. My heartfelt thanks to Yoshiko as she is a gift from heaven. Health & Wellness Counselor, San Diego, CA

Yoshiko helped me become clearer with my true purpose which I realized was something I had been putting off due to fear. My sessions with Yoshiko helped me identify practical steps to realize my dream. Lawyer, Geneva, Switzerland

Yoshiko is a warm, caring and highly skilled Life Purpose Coach. I was very impressed by her ability to draw so much truth from our conversation and to help me reach such profound conclusions and direction for me. I came away with a passionate conviction that I am now headed in the direction that resonates with who I am at my deepest core. Having this feeling gives me a zest and passion for life again. Thank you, Yoshiko. Financial Advisor, San Diego, CA

The whole program is excellent. It truly fulfills the purpose that it was designed for. It totally helped me to pinpoint with laser accuracy what my unique purpose is. It is a priceless gift that gave me a renewed sense of direction in making my musical project a reality. I have now debuted my first CD and I am constantly seeing new opportunities I never knew were there. Teacher/Music Composer, San Diego, CA

My Life Purpose session with Yoshiko was extraordinarily rewarding. She gently guided me with questions that evoked insights about myself and my goals in life. It is a gift to be able to speak of one’s deepest aspirations with someone who is sincere and innately nurturing and insightful. Not only does it automatically diffuse resistance to this process, a certain kind of healing takes place and enables one to move more quickly to the realization of these aspirations. Writer/Film Producer, Santa Monica, CA