Yoshiko is in a league of her own! If you desire “life purpose” coaching, Yoshiko’s skill set, wisdom, experience, compassion and “unique insights” have the power to change (rock) your world! I’ve never met anyone in the coaching world quite like Yoshiko! She stands alone! A true gem, ”core shaker,” priceless gift! Yoshiko’s top notch expertise in graphology (handwriting analysis) is a tremendous tool which she utilizes brilliantly in her coaching sessions!

— Life Coach/Former Therapist, San Diego, CA


Yoshiko guides you deeply into your core. The session with Yoshiko was one of the best things that has happened in my life. Her vast knowledge and warmth make the session rewarding, powerful and truly exceptional. Her coaching is extremely helpful for both career and personal growth. Only a master can have such precise answers.

— Graphic Designer, San Diego CA


Huge thanks for the many changes that happened in my life after my sessions with Yoshiko. I used to feel so stuck and could only see one angle, but now it’s completely different. I see many possibilities. I have clarity for my next step and I can manage my life better. Big breakthrough, so thank you, Yoshiko!

— CEO, Russia


After my son has left for college, I felt lonely and empty, but now I am clear about what is fulfilling and meaningful to me. I’m playing a creative and important role by helping and supporting others. I’m also very happy my son is going to be part of my first project.

—- Former Business Owner/Empty Nest Mother, San Diego, CA


I contacted Yoshiko out of sheer desperation. I had never felt so stuck in my life or career. I had lost motivation and had no juice to work for 6 months. After a single session, Yoshiko knew me better than anyone else in my life including my own wife. I feel that the self understanding she helped me acquire is one of the most valuable tools I will ever receive.

— Online Business Owner, Vista, California


You can’t put a price tag on Yoshiko’s coaching sessions.

— Military Veteran, El Cajon, CA


It felt like my session with Yoshiko was divinely inspired. It was unlike anything I had experienced with other coaches. So powerful. She has the ability to understand people and their life situations at a deep level. I had been working on my particular issue for a long time, but in a short time, Yoshiko was able to cause a mountain to have an avalanche. It was truly life transforming.

— Life Coach, Denver, CO


Prior to my first session with Yoshiko, I was a lost, unmotivated, yet a highly capable professional with no sense of direction nor much ambition to craft a future plan. By the end of our 4th session, I was full of energy and excited about the future. I put together my plan for achieving true inner happiness that had been missing for such a long time. Yoshiko really knows what makes us tick … she’s a miracle worker!

A year and a half after the coaching sessions ended, I looked at all 6 key things in my life and I realized they all improved. Had we never met, I would not have found the inner direction to start my life again. So thank you!

— Executive Vice President, Internet Marketing, San Diego, CA


This was perhaps the most important process I have ever had the opportunity to experience, and I am so thankful that Yoshiko was there to assist me in the most effective and caring way.

— College Student, San Diego, CA


When I contacted Yoshiko I was lost with little to no direction on what path I wanted to take regarding my career. With Yoshiko’s techniques, approach, and kind heart, I was able to see what caused my burnout. I created new ways of being and a new career goal which I am passionate about. For the first time in my life I am following my heart and am truly excited about my new journey. My heartfelt thanks to Yoshiko; she is a gift from heaven.

— HR Professional, San Diego, Ca


Yoshiko’s coaching package is excellent and truly fulfills its purpose. It helped me pinpoint my own brand of purpose. It is a priceless gift that gave me a renewed sense of direction in making my musical project a reality. I have debuted my first CD and am constantly seeing new opportunities that never knew existed.

— High school Teacher, Chula Vista, CA


My coaching session with Yoshiko was extraordinarily rewarding. She gently guided me with questions that evoked insights about myself and my goals in life. It is a gift to be able to speak of one’s deepest aspirations with someone who is sincere and innately nurturing and insightful. Not only does it automatically diffuse resistance to this process, a certain kind of healing takes place which enables one to move more quickly to the realization of these aspirations.

— Screen Writer, Santa Monica, CA


It’s interesting to hear different people talk about life purpose and how to find it. So far, I like Yoshiko’s approach way better than anything I have heard from anyone else. I always feel uplifted and like I grew in my personal self-discovery after my session with her.

— Financial Advisor, San Diego, CA


I lost my mojo for my business of 15 years. I was hardly making any money. After two coaching sessions with Yoshiko, I landed a project with a very famous, high-profile client. I first thought it was just a coincidence, but now that I think about it, it became clear that it was because she helped me get connected to my true passion — photography — which got me out of a funk.

— Web Designer, San Diego, CA


I had a major breakthrough after 3 1/2 years of feeling stuck. I am definitely much more productive than before. My boyfriend said, “You’re on Fire!”

— Art Consultant, Fallbrook, CA


Thank you Yoshiko for a life changing experience. The exercise you led was profound and uplifting. This morning my heart feels very full yet much lighter. Thank you again for bringing your mastery.

— Business Consultant, San Diego, CA


I hired Yoshiko during a time when I felt very lost and disconnected from my direction in life. In under 3 months a new career path unfolded before me. I highly recommend “Unique Insights” to help you find a deeper, more meaningful and enriching life for yourself.

— Graphic Designer, San Diego, CA


You are a Master!

— Spa Owner, Baja, Mexico