Presentation: 1 hr

The Sacred Spiral and the Mystical Dot

Understanding Universal Truth through Symbols and Geometry

This highly-praised, thought-provoking presentation reveals the universal truths about life and the blueprint of human existence through the use of geometry and symbolism. It attempts to explain how so many of physical and non-physicals share the same energy pattern of a spiral with an infinite void occupying the center, and that ultimately everything in life is all connected. The “dot” is a powerful phenomenon of a great paradox of Nothing and yet All there is. It is seen across time, cultures and areas of discovery. It revolutionized the art world during the Renaissance period. It became one of the Arabic numbers, part of a Hebrew letter, is contained in a famous Sanskrit word, and hidden in a symbol of an Egyptian god. Spiral is explained through a famous mathematical ratio. The mystical spiral is found throughout nature in many forms, including in the DNA that is the basis of our genetic makeup. It can also be found in an ancient dance meditation, a Hollywood movie, and tattoos and clothing of indigenous people. The journey of life is both a Spiritual one and a Mathematical one. Examining the patterns and concepts of the universe from the perspective of Geometry and Symbolism allows us to see how truly universal life is, and enables us to get a deeper insight into the blueprint of our own human existence.

What People are Saying


“Eye opening!”


“The best presentation of the conference; fascinating subject, great visuals”

“Elegant talk”

“I liked how it reminded me of the interconnection of all things in nature and that there is an inherent order.”

“New/Ancient concepts. Compelling.”

“Totally engaging subject of great fascination to me. Really made me think about the symbolism surrounding us.”