Odyssey image.001Workshop: 5 hrs

The Odyssey of Self Discovery

Journey to Connect with Your True Authentic Self

This all-day small group workshop guides you through a life-transforming journey to connect with your true and authentic self. You will uncover unexpected aspects of yourself and get to know yourself more intimately through many creative, fun techniques and approaches. This workshop is ideal for those who feel out of touch with themselves or feel lost with their life direction (empty nesters; college students wishing to select a better major; burnt-out professionals who seek more meaning in their life and careers; individuals struggling with a loss of identity after ending a long-term relationship; etc.)

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What People are Saying

“There were many breakthrough moments for me that were priceless. Yoshikoʼs depth of knowledge and her listening ability is exceptional, and the personal project at the end was amazing. I realized that dreams can be started with small steps.”

“I enjoyed all of the positive reinforcement and exercises that pushed us to open up, be honest, and stretch our belief systems. These exercises really brought deeper insight and made me realize that I already have the answers inside. I really grew a lot in just one day and I am very grateful for the experience. I feel that I made a breakthrough and I am ready to start putting more thought into planning and taking steps to reach my goals.”