Presentation: 2 hrs

The New Reality and Your Life Purpose

A subtle, yet big shift has occurred as we entered the new decade of 2010-2019. Through the eyes of a symbologist, you will learn how our mass consciousness is changing from a Pyramidal to a Network structure, and how that geometric transformation in our consciousness is changing our reality. You will also learn how a famous Hollywood movie is directly related to our emerging collective consciousness. This is truly a unique and engaging presentation that blends Consciousness, Life Purpose, Symbolism, Sacred Geometry, and inspires you to have a higher and more authentic vision for your life.

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What People are Saying

“I had so many “Aha!” moments throughout the presentation. I was at times deeply moved and touched. This presentation was not only informative, it has inspired me to find my own passion. Yoshiko-Thank you for sharing – it truly moved me. You are so special and inspiring – this whole presentation and you, Yoshiko are a true blessing and a great gift.”

“Very interesting visual parallelism and symbolism.”

“The range of information is Amazing. Yoshikoʼs energy and passion for helping people opens up and wakes up something deep within us.”