Presentation: 1 hr

The Art of Handwriting

Is it Fading or Still Alive and Thriving in the Digital Age?

Is handwriting a dying art? Is it a thing of the past? In the midst of rapid and astonishing technological advancement, particularly in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence), this presentation reveals the extent to which we have abandoned this thousand-year tradition and how much is still alive. Does it make any difference in our brain and psyche whether we type or write? And what role does it play in this technology-driven era? In this thought provoking lecture combining facts, current trends and insights, you will see many colorful images which lead to a deeper understanding of what the act of handwriting means to us as humans. It is informational, educational, and inspirational all in one package!

What People are Saying

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“Yoshiko effectively convinces us that not only is handwriting not fading – it’s everywhere! Her personal research and colorful photography will amaze you as she demonstrates the important role handwriting still plays in our modern world.”

“Yoshiko is an excellent handwriting analyst and dynamic life coach. Everything that she does professionally is thorough and relevant to the age of AI. Her grasp of technology and trends is remarkable. I highly recommend her as an analyst and life coach.”

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