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Intro to Graphology and Symbolism

Exploring the Art and Science of Graphics & Handwriting Analysis



In this all day workshop, we will explore the art and science of Graphology and Handwriting Analysis through the theories of Psychology and Symbolism. Many fascinating handwriting samples of historical and famous people will be shown and discussed.

Some of the topics from the presentation include:

  1. The meaning behind the three universal geometric shapes that transcend time and space.
  2. Doodle Test – fun yet revealing!
  3. The effects of alcohol on handwritings.
  4. The effects of trauma on a famous American figure with before & after samples.
  5. Analyzing and assessing celebrity couple’s compatibility through their handwritings.

This is a truly engaging and original workshop that will stimulate your mind, and provides you with a deeper understanding of how we graphically express our inner world.

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What People are Saying

“Fascinating!! Yoshiko did a wonderful job of beginning the presentation and then building each concept on the previous ones. Her computer graphics were excellent.”

“Professional in every way — Thank you for the experience and for sharing your expertise.”

“Brilliant mix of information to tie in the depth of Graphology.”

“It was fascinating. I enjoyed learning about the importance of the Gestalt approaches.”

“Lots of new, interesting information. Nice combination of slides, exercises, and explanations. It exceeded my expectations.”