Life Coaching

My Approach

My coaching program is unique and life transforming.  It is ideal for those seeking a new life direction with personal authenticity due to burnout, divorce, mid-life crisis, or any other life-altering events that are causing you to stop and reevaluate your life. I will guide you to see your life from perspectives you may never have had before. Having this awareness brings a renewed sense of self and serves as a catalyst to a new life direction.

During the process, your overall soul purpose or theme that governs your life will emerge. This also applies to your true passion, gifts and talents. Once you have completed this process, you will naturally feel the urge to express them in a fuller fashion.

Various self-exploratory techniques, including Handwriting Analysis, will be used.  These techniques will be especially helpful in knowing your subconscious beliefs and behavior patterns.

How You Will Benefit from My Work

* You will have more clarity about your next step or direction in life.

* You will have a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in your life, brining you happiness and fulfillment.

* Your new self-awareness helps you make better decisions in every aspect of your life.

* You will have a renewed sense of self and reality, and won’t feel stuck any more.

* You will have many tools to use for dealing with future problems.

* Those for preparing for Retirement or have recently become an Empty-Nester, you will have actual strategies to bring meaning to your life.

* For High School and College Students, you will be able to select your college major more accurately.

How It Works

* Initial Consultation:
I offer a free, up to 30 minute initial consultation over the phone to assess your situation. Send an email with a brief description of your situation along with your contact information.   Contact Page

* Length:
12 sessions (1 hr per session)

* Method:
With local San Diego clients, the first session will be a face-to-face meeting.
Thereafter, telephone or Skype meeting.
With non-local clients, either telephone or Skype meeting.

* Time: Based on PST (Pacific Standard Time)