What is Graphology?

Also known as “Handwriting Analysis,” it is the study and symbolic interpretation of handwriting to evaluate the personality and character of the writer. However, in a broader sense, Graphology can also be applied to the interpretation of other graphic expressions, such as doodle, symbols, graffiti and paintings.

What Can Your Handwriting Reveal?

Your Handwriting is the graphic presentation or outer projection of your inner world. Your handwriting reveals your natural essence, outlook on life, true personality and behavioral patterns. It shows your self-image, confidence level, emotional and physical nature, inner attitudes, how you relate to others and how you use your energy. It reveals both your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings. What is within, so is without.

pen-iconHow To Prepare A Handwriting Sample

Yoshiko’s Bio as a Graphologist

As a professional Graphologist (handwriting analyst), Yoshiko examined over a thousand handwriting samples and consulted with individual and corporate clients from Fortune 100 companies.

She studied this art/science with the direct student of the late Master Graphologist, Felix Klein who became a consultant to the United Nations after World War II when he emigrated from Austria. Yoshiko’s articles were published in various magazines and trade journals in the U.S., U.K., and Japan. She utilizes graphology as one of the valuable tools to enhance her life coaching practice.

How is it Used for Life Coaching?

Instead of taking months to unveil what is really hidden deep within the client’s psyche, a handwriting analysis can reveal his or her innermost thoughts and feelings as well as unconscious needs and challenges almost immediately. They are more revealing than what the conscious part of the person can express. Combining handwriting analysis with life coaching is a powerful way to help clients achieve deeper self awareness which is the basis of genuine happiness and success.


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I no longer produce Handwriting Analysis Reports, but here are testimonials from the past clients.

“I have utilized Yoshiko’s services on several occasions and found them to be unerringly accurate….I cannot speak highly enough of her work and would recommend her services to any firm.”

Internet Strategist, Austin, Texas

“Your analysis of my handwriting is nothing short of amazing! If anyone doubts the validity of this process please have them contact me immediately. People who have known me all my life have fewer insights into my nature than you were able to glean from a single page of my handwriting. Your service represents an invaluable tool for personal and professional insights into the most illusive aspects of an individual…their core nature. Thank you for getting to the head and heart of mine, I will return to your insights over and over again.”

Advertising Director, New York, New York

“Ms. Inagaki’s analysis was extensive, detailed, and one of par excellence.”

Forensic Document Examiner, Washington, D.C.

“Ms. Inagaki’s insight into a particularly difficult witness was largely responsible for successfully guiding me through a two-week deposition this year. I urge anyone seeking innovation in their field to consider using her service.”

Trial Lawyer, Denver, Colorado

“Right from the beginning, Yoshiko’s report hit the nail on the head. It was enough to convince me of the credibility of her analysis and to publish her article in our magazine. I was truly impressed that someone who has never met me could tell so much about me simply by looking at my signature.”

Editor in Chief, West Palm Beach, Florida

“Listening to her comments on a couple of handwriting samples, I was impressed that indeed Yoshiko knew her material. She is highly skilled in what she does.”

Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, Madison, Wisconsin

“The analysis was very accurate in every instance, and it was very detailed and thorough. It really was surprisingly accurate.”

Manager, Louisville, Kentucky

“As a journalist, I was skeptical at first. But once I had my own handwriting analyzed by Yoshiko, I realized that a professional graphologist can do in five minutes what it takes for us to do in a year. She summarized my personality in a shockingly accurate manner.”

Journalist, Washington, D.C.

“Extremely accurate. It was a wonderful confirmation of not only what I knew but what I have suspected about my growth process.”

Taichi/Yoga Instructor, Louisville, Kentucky