Yoshiko is a certified Life Purpose Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Graphologist and Symbologist based in San Diego, California. Born in Tokyo and raised in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, Yoshiko draws upon Eastern and Western philosophies and genuinely embraces diversity and harmony in all forms. She is the founder of Unique Insight, a consulting firm with a visionary mindset, dedicated to shift thoughts and perspectives to enable personal and corporate evolution.


Yoshiko is passionate and has a genuine desire to help individuals achieve their highest potential through deeper self awareness. She also sees it as her mission to help companies tap into their most complex yet valuable assets—their human resources. Gifted with a unique blend of insightful mind and solid business background, Yoshiko is sought after for her profound understanding of human nature and spiritual wisdom.

As one of the nation’s top graphologists (handwriting analyst), Yoshiko has examined more than 1,000 handwriting samples for Fortune 100 clients, as well as individual clients. She successfully utilizes handwriting analysis for life coaching by offering deeper self awareness to her clients. (Click here to visit her Graphology page.)

Yoshiko’s educational background includes an MBA from George Washington University, and her professional experience spans over 30 years in diverse settings, including Toyota, the World Bank, the U.S. Embassy, and many other companies and organizations.