Symbolically Speaking: “Archetypal Wounds – Path to Wholeness”

Gender roles are shifting, men are openly sensitive and women are empowered. Social media provides us with many examples of these trends. Men are showing their sensitivity by nurturing babies, caring for creatures, and openly expressing emotional pain. Support groups where men share their thoughts and feelings with other men are no longer an oddity.

Women are rejecting their traditional subservient roles and refuse to accept the unjust treatment that has been their lot for centuries. In the developing world women are insisting that their human rights are as inviolate as the men. With this restructuring of historical roles and awakening to their own power, women are demonstrating capabilities thought to be impossible just a generation or even a decade ago.

Symbolically speaking, this trend is based on a deep need to heal gender-specific “Archetypal Wounds.” The word “Archetype” means model, representative, stereotype, or embodiment. Both genders have their own unique “wound” or “shadow.”

A man’s wound compels him to suppress his feelings and emotions. Men are predisposed to be more left brain oriented, letting logic and sheer will overrule their heart. In order to survive in a competitive and combative world, men are trained not to show their vulnerability.

In patriarchal societies where men have sovereignty over most matters, women do not have a voice. A woman’s wound drives her to sublimate her true voice and self expression. Historically, women were forced to adopt an extreme right brain orientation by relinquishing their power and being overly passive as men control them.

Men betrayed their hearts and women suppressed their throats. From the perspective of chakra (the nodes in the subtle body’s energy channels), men blocked their 4th, heart chakra, and women shut down their 5th, throat chakra. It is no coincidence that men have more heart problems than women in general, and thyroid problems are more prevalent among women.

However, when a man gets in touch with his own feeling including vulnerability, he is embracing the yin (feminine) aspect of himself and becomes a more balanced being. Traditionally, vulnerability is seen as a sign of weakness, but in reality, it is a sign of strength in which the person learns the power of surrender and interdependence. This allows them to be better suited to live in an increasingly inter-dependent and interconnected world. We are now living in an age where lateral rather than vertical connection is becoming more important than ever. A male who opens his heart to feel fully, who is not afraid of his vulnerability, is living the full spectrum of life.

A woman that acknowledges her own voice and expresses it with conviction and confidence is embracing the yang (masculine) aspect of herself, thus becoming a more empowered being. An empowered female who expresses her truth, knows her true value, strength and capability can bring forth her unexpressed dormant potentials enriching herself and the world.

Life and Nature have a propensity for balance. Human beings are no exception. Embracing our yin and yang, feminine and masculine aspects makes us integrated, balanced and powerful human beings. This is now happening on both personal and collective levels. Are you in touch with your vulnerability? Can you voice your truth and express who you really are? The time is now!

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