25 Fundamental Truths about Life Purpose


It has been over a decade since we started seeing a trend mostly among younger generations identifying themselves with unconventional titles, such as “Conscious Entrepreneur, Health Advocate, or Evolutionary Activist,” just to name a few. Those titles reveal the essence of who they are rather than their day-to-day tasks, such as, “Marketing Manager” or “IT Analyst.”

With the recent change in the political landscape with mounting economic, social and environmental concerns, it seems we have now entered a turbo-charged Cause or Purpose-Driven Era where an increasing number of people are determined to make a change or difference in the world they live in.  Many are now finding the courage and strong desire to answer their Calling.  When I first became a certified Life Purpose Coach, it seemed pursuing one’s life purpose was considered more of a luxury.  A decade later today, I am now witnessing a social phenomenon that living with a Cause or Purpose is quickly becoming a norm or a major trend among the young and old, both Millennials and Baby Boomers. Many people are now following their heart and wanting to live authentically.  I created a “List of 25 Fundamental Truths about Life Purpose” based on my understanding and insights I gained over the years through my own personal experience as well as helping clients from all walks of life through my coaching. Having an insight into what Living with a Purpose entails may give you a more solid foundation in walking your path with your own unique purpose.

1. Every one of us on earth has a Life Purpose and plays an important role in the history and evolution of humanity.

2. You have a unique role or life task that only you can fulfill and nobody else can take your place. You are unique and essential.

3. Seeking and Living your Life Purpose is a Spiritual Path. Discovering, developing, and fulfilling your Purpose is a sacred journey; therefore, it is not a straight path but more like a winding one.

4. Your Life Purpose is not to be invented but to be Discovered. It is not “out there” in the future. It is right within you. More accurately, it is something that is Calling YOU.

5. Your Life Purpose reveals itself as visions, a sense of calling, strong impulse to create, change, improve or desire to express something deep within you.

6. Living in your Purpose is an alchemical process of combining your Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine) aspects of yourself. Feminine: BEING – Being receptive, open to inspirations, seeing the whole picture and being heart centered. Masculine: DOING – Acting upon your inspirations with boldness and commitment to follow through until the end.

7. Life Purpose is not synonymous to a career or a job. Life Purpose is broader than a career or a job. It is not an activity, but rather, more of a theme of your life (or a significant chapter of your life.) Oprah Winfrey, for example, stated her life mission as “helping others reach their highest potential.” Being a TV host is not her purpose, it is simply one of the means to fulfill her grander purpose. Another example might be “bringing equality and social justice to the world” (Martin L. King).

8. Your life has been preparing you since birth to serve this Purpose. Therefore, it is probably something that you’ve been already doing in some capacity. In other words, you are already living your Purpose even though it may not be in full scale or in full expression yet.

9. Your life Expands and Deepens when you’re living your Purpose. More doors open for you and you meet new people. You may be guided to go to new places and have new experiences that help you gain broader and deeper perspectives that you never had before.

10. Your Life Purpose allows you to express your unique Essence. Your Essence is your natural quality and signature energy that you exude. You feel you’re in your element. And when you’re in your element, you become charismatic and you draw people and events to you.

11. Your Life Purpose is something you feel Passionate about and that makes you feel Alive. When you’re engaging in it, it activates all the cells in your body because it’s in your DNA. This is why in #4 it says, “it’s right within you.”

12. Your Life Purpose is expressed through your “Creative Genius,” your natural and unique gifts & talents. What comes naturally to you and what you enjoy and do almost effortlessly is your instrument to carry out your Purpose. Every one of us is a “Genius” in our own unique way.

13. You come to realize that living your Purpose is to be a Catalyst or a Vessel. The more we lose our ego-centered intention or agenda, the more we are able to bring an unexpected positive outcome. We often hear a talented composer saying “I heard the melody in my head and I just wrote down the notes.”

14. Your Life Purpose may be one, but the Expression of it may be Multiple. Oprah Winfrey, again, stated her life mission as helping others fulfill their highest potential. The ways she delivers it is through her own Internet programs, magazines, workshops & events, acting, philanthropical activities, etc. She is not confined to having just a single role, but she enjoys many creative ways to express her purpose. This is where you can use your imagination to use your talents in different ways.

15. Your Life Purpose gives you Joy, Happiness, Meaning and a deep sense of Satisfaction and Fulfillment. It makes you feel “Whole.”  You no longer pursue happiness for happiness sake. Happiness comes as a bi-product of living your Purpose.

16. Your Life Purpose aligns with your Core Values (what’s important to you). For example, if you value protecting the environment but you work for a company that generates products that harm nature, you will have inner conflicts even if you love your coworkers or are pleased with the pay. Your Purpose naturally elevates the level of your integrity.  And if you’re out of integrity, you may not be able to sustain your Purpose. You may find yourself going through some “learning period” before you get back on track. But there is nothing to worry, as this is a part of your “winding path” as described in #2.

17. Your Life Purpose serves as a Guiding Principle in your life. This is why it’s often called “Your True North,” and therefore, it gives you Clarity, Focus, and Direction. It serves as a central reference point in your life to show you your priorities. This in turn enables you to make sound decisions especially at critical moments in your life.

18. Your Life Purpose fulfills your desire to “Make a Difference” in a meaningful way. A desire to make a difference is fundamental to human nature that gives meaning to the person’s existence. It is proving that “I matter,” “my life matters.” This is shared by all humans.

19. Living your Purpose requires you to Integrate and align three major parts of yourself as a human – your Mind, Heart, and Body. For example, if you are a typical Thinker type, it will challenge you to become more Heart centered and Action oriented. Therefore, it is a path for you to Evolve into a more holistic and balanced person.

20. Your Life Purpose will make you feel more Connected to Humanity at large and to the Source of Life itself where your purpose originates. As a result, an underlying sense of isolation, separation, disconnection or loneliness, an existential feeling of void or numbness that often leads to depression lessens or eventually disappears.

21. You may strongly yearn to join a Community of like-minded people to co-create or bring about positive change based on a shared vision. This process of co-creation results in unexpected synergetic effects (1 + 1 + 1 = 100) which further brings a sense of unity and excitement to you.

22. It may require you to go through some Paradigm Shift. Some of the examples of such paradigm shifts may be leaving a corporate life to create a brand new business; or changing your self identity as a full time mother to a professional woman; or leaving your traditional religion to embrace a new spiritual path; or moving to another part of the country or world, etc. Crossing the threshold of familiar and old to the new and unknown often is the result of our soul crying to be released from the old bondage that has been restricting us or no longer giving us meaning. It is life affirming and hugely rewarding.

23. Engaging in your Purpose will Serve, Bless and Inspire others and ultimately Contribute to the entire Humanity. There is no such thing as Life Purpose that only serves the self.

24. It is an alchemical process of integrating your Yang (Light) and Yin (Darkness) aspects of yourself.  In pursuing or carrying out your Life Purpose, you may face your own inner Jihad (“struggle in the way of God” which is the real meaning of “Holy War” by the way.)  As many spiritual teachers state, we cannot reach Light without going through our Darkness first. This is the path of Transformation.  As the original definition of “Alchemy” means turning lead into gold, we symbolically go through the same process.  We are like a caterpillar where we are crawling on the ground limited by the force of gravity (our limitations and challenges.) The caterpillar eventually becomes a butterfly that flies freely, but being a caterpillar first is an essential part of the butterfly’s life. There is no skipping this process. Growth, transformation, evolution is a natural process of Nature and our human life is no exception, it also follows this Pattern.

While every one of us have unique gifts and talents, we also have our own signature wounds or challenge.  Actually, many people often find their Life Purpose in their darkest time of their life.  For example, a mother who lost a child by a drunken driver may become an advocate for educating youths for safe driving; a former overweight person may become a health coach to help others with weight problem; a boy who was ridiculed for being feminine may become a successful fashion designer later in life.  It is often what we didn’t feel good or “whole” about us that drives us to the light. There is always a grander picture of your life, and by embracing your darkness instead of resisting or rejecting it, you experience a magical metamorphosis like the caterpillar emerging into a beautiful butterfly.  As we all know, this metamorphosis symbolizes transformation, elevation, and liberation of our soul.

25. It requires you to access to the Higher Source within you to carry out your Life Purpose.  Just like the caterpillar cannot “intend” to become a butterfly, it simply must allow the natural design (DNA) to unfold itself, we also want to cooperate with the larger force that is taking us to the next step, phase, frontier. Higher Source or Divine Center, however we call it, it is something we know instinctively exists within ourselves where all the seeds of potential and solutions to the problems exist. We want to consciously turn within to reestablish our connection with the deep self, affirming our work is divinely orchestrated and all is well no matter how things turn out on the surface. However, it is not something we do with a sense of heaviness or self sacrificing attitude. It is something that makes us feel most Alive, and this Aliveness is the proof that we are living in a purpose-driven life.

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